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To uplift and empower clients by offering boutique fitness, wellness coaching, and healthy meal options in an upbeat, wholesome environment the whole family will love.

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Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Macro & Accountability Coaching

Fitness Programs

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LiteFit Health Tribe

Online Support Community filled with like-minded individuals to help provide accountability along the way. Click here to join on Facebook page 

LiteFit Health Tribe

A Community of Like-Minded individuals to Help You Along Your Journey. 

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LiteFit Coaches

Kim S.

Founder of LiteFit Health.
Passionate about helping women on their journey! I know how busy life is, and have learned through autoimmune diseases how important it is to take care of yourself too! You have TIME FOR YOU!!! Happily married and busy mom to 5 little children, and 2 fur pups!

Laura E.

Beautiful Soul Dedicated to helping women feel strong and empowered as a Fitness Instructor. Proud mama of a little girl who has a passion for fitness as well!

Sarah T.

Sarah is very passionate about helping others as a LiteFit Wellness Coach & Fitness Coach, and loves creating new recipes! She has her BS in Human Nutrition & Community Health. Happily married and proud boy mom!

Chelsie G.

Chelsie is the BIGGEST cheerleader for YOU! She's YOUR HYPE girl!! She loves helping and encouraging busy moms find time for fitness! She is a mama of 3 and loves spending time with her husband and family! You'll see her soon start nutrition coaching!!


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